Our bid to save the planet (well Hythe to start with) and save you money!

Who else finishes their favorite L'Oreal professional shampoo and conditioner and tosses the empty plastic bottle in the bin?? On average we get through 1 bottle of shampoo and 1 bottle of conditioner per person every 6 weeks. That’s approximately 16 bottles per person. We have 500 clients on our database that purchase a shampoo and conditioner every time they visit and this adds up to 8’000 bottles from our salon alone! We are trying to do our bit to prevent all the excess plastic waste and our aim is to get 90% of our clients over to refilling their empty bottles rather than buying brand new.

We are so committed to this that we are happy to refill ANY brand of shampoo or conditioner bottle up to 300ml for a fraction of the brand new price. If you have an appointment coming up soon or even if you’re just passing why not bring a bottle in for us to fill. Your stylist will happily recommend the perfect L'Oreal shampoo or conditioner to suit your needs.