Top hair trends from LFW ‘19

London Fashion Week has come to an end & whilst admiring the stunning clothing, colours & celebrity “FROW” it is also the perfect opportunity to work out the upcoming hair trends. Here are a few styles that we have picked out to be very popular this year …


Fringes are very much back! Gone are the days of centre partings & no shaping, its all about framing your face & drawing attention to your eyes. Not everyone can pull off a blunt heavy fringe and as great as it looks on the perfect hair, this is not the only option for you. Most of the way the bangs were worn by models & fashionistas this LFW were soft/choppy & feathered. Whether parted and swept across the face, worn straight down above/below the eyebrow or ‘gringe’ (grown out fringe) style there was not a blunt line in sight. This is perfect as it gives an option for almost every face shape/size. Another bonus of this trend is it gives your style that extra pizzazz, just by adding a fringe can change your regular hairstyle without having to give it too much of a chop. Perfect for you long haired beauties who panic at the thought of more than an inch off.

Soft fringe framing the face….

Soft fringe framing the face….

Hair clip art

One of the easiest to create & most effective to look at fashions has to be statement hair clip. From plain slides to pearls & sparkles this clip can completely change your look bringing it up to a top 2019 trend. Either pull your hair up into a ponytail or bun & scatter the grips around it or wear your hair down and focus on one side gripping your clips around the hairline. The trick is to not be too precise, random placement is best.

Hair tuck

So simple, yet so clever. Are you tired of trying to stop your hair flying all over the place in the wind, or have a gorgeous collared coat which is constantly covered by your long locks? Well the hair tuck is the trend for you! Just tuck the hair from shoulder down into your coat or scarf, slightly pull the hair out from the mid lengths without untucking the ends, leaving you with an effortless yet model like look.

Half-up bun/ponytail

It’s back and here to stay (for another year at least). This go to style for long/bobbed/curly & straight hair is a total win. Easy to create & effortlessly gorgeous to look at, anyone can wear this LFW trend at no cost.

Half up/Half down bun…

Half up/Half down bun…

Natural waves

Waves are gorgeous no matter which way they are worn, but a big part of this seasons fashion week was effortless texture. Most hair has some kind of movement from simple bends to corkscrew curls. The best way to see what you have under all that heat styling is to shampoo your hair with a non invasive shampoo & conditioner (we love L’Oréal Source Essentielle Nourishing shampoo 300ml £12.50) then apply a texturiser to damp hair. Using yout hairdryer on low heat, aim up into the hair and scrunch, you can use a diffuser if you have one for extra definition. Never dry your hair 100% if you are aiming for the natural look, this will only make your hair frizz & before you know it you are reaching for those heat stylers! Leave slightly damp, apply a curl lotion (L’Oréal Siren Waves 150ml £14.99 works wonders) and voila, easy, effortless waves.

Beccy Jackson