Summer Loving for your hair

All dressed up and everywhere to go! We are about 1 week out from the official start of summer holidays and that means, pool parties, BBQs and summer Fridays.

And whether you’re at events for work or pleasure, the fact is we’re all about to have some fun under the sun. But there’s ONE downfall: the blazing summer heat has the ability to do major damage to our hair.

Beauty experts know it’s important during these months to keep your hair covered, moisturized, and to keep your scalp hydrated as well. This is why we rounded up a few of our favorite tips for summer hair care below with our L’Oreal and Electric hair product range.

Get your head in the hair game girl.


Pulling your hair back and out of your face is a must for long summer days. Throw it up in a high pony or rock a topknot fresh out of the shower. You could get creative and spice up the look every so often with accessories. Headbands, scarves and even over-the-top straw hats for beach days, when you need a little more shade.


Keeping your hair conditioned is the number one summer hair care essential. From leave-in conditioning sprays to overnight deep conditioner creams, there are many ways to keep the moisture locked in. One of our favorite leave in conditioners is the Electric hair Preparation spray, this is incredible as a de-tangler, heat protection spray and protects against uv rays so is a must beside the pool. All while keeping the moisture locked in.


For an extra boost of hydration, try a mask. We all know DIY spa days aren’t complete without our favorite soothing or brightening face masks, but a hair mask can work wonders as well. We have two incredible masks suitable for summer hair care. We have our divine L’Oreal solar sublime masque which is enriched with a uv filter and Aloe vera extract to deeply heal the hair fiber.

The Intensive treatment mask by Electric hairdressing is full of nutrients to maintain healthy hair and scalp. It helps improve lackluster hair, restoring it to a much healthier state. Just apply the mask to clean, wet hair. Comb through, clip hair up, and leave-on for 30-45 minutes whilst sat in the sun to use the warmth of the beautiful sunlight to boost the masks abilities. Rinse thoroughly and apply a conditioner to lock in the treatment then style as desired.


Another sure-fire way to protect your gorgeous locks from the unforgiving summer heat, is to wrap it up. Try braiding your hair back and pinning the loose pieces up, then throwing on a fun and playful scarf on top. There’s no such thing as a bad hair day if your hair isn’t in the way!


Why not finish the love for your hair with a lovely smoothing cream to either blow dry in and create a beautiful shine or apply to your hair and comb through and leave your hair to dry naturally. This with calm down any ‘fly aways’ .

10-electric mask.jpg


You will get between 5-10 applications of this incredible product depending on your hair length/thickness.



This incredible set contains 4 of our most popular summer products, Hydrating shampoo and conditioner, mask and smoothing cream.



The smell of summer in a pot, you will get around 5-10 applications depending on your hair length/thickness.

theresa holt